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VOCAL HYGIENE – PART 4: Dietary “Don’t-s” – What foods & drinks are *NOT* good for the voice

We’ve already spoken at length about what foods and drinks can be healthy and beneficial for the voice. Now, let’s spend some time on what to avoid; what foods and drinks can be inhibitive, and potentially detrimental, for the voice.

We’ll start with the obvious culprit: DAIRY.


VOCAL HYGIENE – PART 3: Dietary “Do-s” – What foods & drinks are good for the voice

In our last article on Vocal Hygiene, Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Why hydration is important to singing , we discussed how extremely important it is to the health of our voices to make sure our bodies consistently maintain a generous level of fluid intake, to ensure substantial hydration at all times, which keeps the vocal folds moisturized, limber, protected, and ready for action. […]

VOCAL HYGIENE – Part 2: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Why hydration is important to singing

The first and most fundamental aspect of vocal hygiene is HYDRATION. Plainly stated, the more fluids you drink (within reason), the better your voice will be.

Hydration allows the vocal folds to stay limber, and helps us maintain the protective mucosal lining which coats the vocal folds and protects them from the natural friction that occurs during vocalization. Conversely, without the moisture, the flexibility is hindered, as is the vocal folds, which can cause an unhealthy swelling of the folds. Swollen vocal folds do not vibrate as freely as healthy folds do, thus hindering the voice’s potential. And swollen vocal folds, like any condition or injury to the body, are potentially vulnerable to further, more serious, and possibly permanent, damage. […]

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VOCAL HYGIENE – Part 1: What is “Vocal Hygiene”?

We’ve spoken at length about many of the concepts and philosophies associated with developing correct voice technique, we’ve discussed some of the emotional elements that are integrally associated with the act and art of singing, and we’ve begun to get into some specific applicable methods and exercises to help you develop into the singer you want to be.  So, let us now take a few moments to address a subject that is often neglected by most singers: VOCAL HYGIENE. […]