Whether you opt for INDIVIDUAL TRAINING, GROUP LESSONS, CLASSES, WORKSHOPS the idea is the same:   this is a collaboration; you and the instructor work together to help you become the singer you want to be.

Individual Training

Whatever goals you’re striving toward, one-on-one instruction is the most common and efficient method of voice training. Individual lessons are tailored to enhance your strengths and tackle the trouble areas where your vocal technique needs the most work — taking the most direct route possible to help you become the singer you want to be.

Beginner? Taking that first step can be hard, even a little scary. Working with someone you feel comfortable with makes a HUGE difference. There’s no judgment, here — everyone starts somewhere. The goal is to help you grow, at your own pace, and to have fun in the process.

Advanced? At one time or another, we’ve all gotten to a point where we like the way we sound, but we ultimately
aren’t completely happy with where we are. We KNOW we can do better, we just don’t know exactly HOW to. Every developing
singer (and we’re *ALL* developing, no matter what level we’re at) needs a little guidance sometimes to help them make it
to next level. The trick is to choose a guide who will understand where you’re at, and will know how to help to grow from

Professional? Maybe you’re getting ready to record an album or go on tour. Maybe you’re preparing for an audition
or an important upcoming performance. Maybe you just want learn more about how to take care of your voice in general, or
maybe you just want to get past a particular sticking point or work out a few kinks. Whatever your situation, 1-on-1 training can be a great way to learn more about your instrument, and how to get the most out of it you can, while preparing you for whatever comes next.

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Group lessons

When people have similar goals in common, training together in a small group can be a GREAT option. Group lessons can have as few as two or three people training, or as many as twenty, and it can be very economical, because everybody shares the cost.

Whether it’s just a few friends looking to become better singers together and save some money doing it, or an ensemble working on a particular project, training together is a great way to go.

  • Members of the same band? Train as a unit, and really get those band vocals together.
  • Members of the same choir or singing group? Cast in the same musical? Train together on the material you
have in common.
  • Friends who share an interest in both training their voices and saving money? Group lessons are a ton of fun, and are extremely affordable.

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Classes & Workshops

For people can’t afford regular 1-on-1 voice training, and don’t have anyone to take a group lesson with, classes and workshops are great option.


focus on important fundamentals of voice training. The sessions are organized so that both the skill levels and the goals of the participants are comparable. They are a fantastic alternative to one-to-one voice lessons because not only are a wide array of fundamentals taught, but the members of the classes work together as a unit to help each other improve. It’s a fantastic way to get some solid training under your belt,
while not breaking the bank.
A wide assortment of subjects are focused upon in classes, including:

  • Proper warm-up/warm-down exercises
  • Correct breathing
  • Range expansion
  • Improving vocal stamina
  • Tension elimination
  • Enhancing resonance (developing volume and control without extra effort)
  • Ear training and pitch improvement
  • Ad-libbing and improvising
  • Vocal hygiene (how to care for your voice, what foods/drinks are great for it, what’s not)
  • Conquering performance anxiety / stage fright
  • Singing in a variety of styles ranging from Rock to Pop, Jazz, R&B, Metal, Classical, and everything in-between
  • Songwriting and phrasing
  • How to sound great when sick or physically compromised
  • Vowel shaping, diction, and articulation
  • Preparation and interpretation of a new piece
  • And much, much more


are smaller group clinics that laser in on specific topics:  They are the ideal place to work on new material, develop a repertoire, prepare for a live performance or a studio session, and:

  • Develop your performance on specific songs or new material
  • Build or expand your repertoire
  • Prepare for an upcoming live performance or studio session
  • Work on the finer points of ad-libbing, improvising, and songwriting
  • And much, much more

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Does someone special to you have a love for music and voice? Vocal training makes a fantastic gift!  Pre-pay for as many one-to-one or class sessions as you feel you would like to give, and receive a certificate that can be given to your special someone at any time!
Also, ask about the gift discounts that are available when you give the gift of 1-on-1 lessons.

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